BFA Idea Progress


Now that the November show is in progress, and I don’t need to worry about it, I can dedicate my spare time to refining my numerous ideas for the BFA show at the end of the year. At the moment I have an extensive list of ideas on Evernote that I’d rather not post online just in case there is some one out there willing to pursue any of them. However, I will talk about one idea I have that I have already done a piece on and that I know of others doing similar work.

The idea I’m talking about is creating a piece of art using a single song as inspiration. The piece that I did during Winter term of 2012 was for a sticker campaign project for Advanced Digital Drawing. For this piece, I had a few songs in mind that I was considering creating work for but I eventually chose “Smiling” by Operation Ivy:

The song is a commentary, in the second person point of view, on the peer pressure put on males to be sexually promiscuous in order to gain approval from their “friends.”

My piece (pictured below) is an iconic representation of the message put forth in the lyrics of the song. 



Smiling by Karl Turner

While doing research for my BFA thesis I came across a blog post about a man named Alex Cherry who does similar work inspired by music. Alex takes the same concept of using a song to create a piece of art and creates digital paintings in photoshop which could stand on there own, but when put in the context of the adjoining song they succeed on a whole new level. 


War Within a Breath (Rage Against the Machine) by Alex Cherry

I love Alex Cherry’s interpretation of his choice of songs and how talented he is with Photoshop, but I like the simplicity and iconicity of the black and white image I created.

Over the next few weeks of the term I will choose some songs that are interesting to me or that have had an impact on me personally and explore how I would represent them visually. 



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