Thoughts on my Term Review

My review was a rough experience, but a useful experience nonetheless. Many difficult questions were asked and I answered all of them to the best of my ability which as some points didn’t seem to be enough. I felt like I had a difficult time explaining my self, mainly because what I was presenting was not what I was interested in pursuing for my end of the year show. I explained to my reviewers that I was told that I had to have something complete to show them but that this was not to anything I planned to continue after the review. At this point it seemed like they were fairly annoyed until I tried to explain to them what my ideas were for the rest of the terms and for the end of the year show. Once I mentioned that I wanted to work with interactivity and things like Arduino I got some very helpful advice and recommendations to explore. 

One of the main things I got from this review was that the material I make my work with is not as important as what I am trying to say. My language and message needs to be clear and well represented in the work I make. 

This next term I feel like I will be able to dedicate much more, if not all, of my time to rethinking my artist’s statement as well as the materials and ideas I want to explore in my work.


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